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Nov 21, 2022

Clients often become their own roadblock to success. Professional advisors and attorneys often have trouble getting clients to do things like finalize their documents, make tough decisions, update old documents, or just set their beneficiary designations. If this sounds familiar, we've got tips for you.

Our guest this week is Justin Miller, attorney, professor, and Partner and National Director of Wealth Planning at Evercore Wealth Management. Justin joins us to drop a slew of tactics and strategies for motivating your clients to get out of their own way and get their planning done.

You want a client that WANTS the solutions you're creating for them, and Justin has a fantastic three-step process for making that a reality, with real-life examples throughout. You should:

1) Investigate - How do we find out what the client needs and how do we turn that need into a want? 
Ask specific questions to prompt the client into wanting the solution, and use open-ended questions.

2) Communicate - How do we communicate our solutions?
You should try to use stories to elicit an emotional response and employ visuals to simplify complicated points.

3) Motivate - Death isn't a good motivator, unless they've had it near them recently. Talk about incapacity instead, and show the real cost of procrastination.

This is a masterclass in motivating your clients and helping them achieve success and work to get themselves to the finish line they really want and need.

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