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Nov 29, 2022

If you've ever bought or sold real estate, you know that risks and complexities abound. Whether you are investing in real estate or purchasing your own home, there are some simple, straightforward rules of thumb that will help guard you from the most common mistakes that people make in the process.

Our guest is real estate attorney Cassie McGarvey, Founder & Principal at McGarvey PLLC. She joins to give us her top five most common pitfalls in real estate transactions. We'll cover:

1. Never buy without a title company or without title insurance. Title companies ensure that the title is clear and accurate and insuring the title exchange. We discuss the types of proof title companies look for, title and underwriting standards, and what you can actually argue to a title company or judge.

2. Rights of First Refusals and option contracts. Rights of First Refusal can get you stuck in someone else's timeline from buyer's side, and they're often written poorly. If you're buying from estate, make sure you're buying from the actual  executor/administrator.

3. Read the deed restrictions and property owner restrictions before you buy. This seems obvious, but it's overlooked all the time. It's especially important if it's investment property.

4. Contract for deed/rent-to-own. Just don't do it. Just do a regular seller-financed transaction.

5. If you're going to build a real estate portfolio, use an LLC. This is low-hanging fruit, but it's so important. You want a layer of protection for yourself, so don't put the deed in your name.

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