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Dec 20, 2022

Do you or your client have a life insurance policy that has makes increasingly less sense? Perhaps your circumstances have changed, the costs have gone up, or you just want to have cash instead.

Don't let a life insurance policy lapse or be surrendered without learning about Life Settlement and whether that policy qualifies. Life Settlement Market you can sell your life insurance on an exchange for a price between the cash surrender value and the death benefit payout amount.

Our guest this week is attorney and life insurance expert Tama Brooks Klosek. She has been advising and practicing on behalf of high-value clientele for 23 years, and has a deep understanding of life insurance and its place in the larger estate planning context. Specifically, she's here to demystify Life Settlement and explain how you or your client can receive up to 4x the cash value of that same policy on the life settlement exchange.

We'll get into the details of how this works, the kind of policies that apply, and how you can approach your clients with this emerging option.

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