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Mar 24, 2023

The guardianship process can be legally confusing and emotionally challenging for families. This week's No Unfinished Business is perfect for advisory professionals seeking to better understand guardianship and better serve their clients in need.

We are joined by probate and guardianship attorney Adri Graves, who navigates the complex world of guardianship. We cover key topics such as incapacity, warning signs for potential guardianship cases, the legal processes involved, and alternatives to guardianship.

We also get into detail about the role physicians play in determining incapacity, the appointment of attorneys ad litem and guardians ad litem, and how to handle contested guardianship cases through mediation or Section 1301 Management Trusts. 

This is a great overview of a complicated process, and it behooves you to have a basic understanding of how it works in the case you or your client face a guardianship situation.

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