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May 12, 2023

How can you plan for your pets after you're gone, and what happens if you don't?

In this episode, we sit down with Shelby Roquemore, a passionate animal welfare advocate with Houston's Rescued Pets Movement, to discuss the importance of estate planning and transition planning for pet owners. 

We start by shedding some light on what happens to pets that get left behind. There is a prevalent animal overpopulation problem in Houston and Shelby explains the process that stray and confiscated animals go through before finding a safe haven. We explore the role of rescue organizations and the significant efforts volunteers put into finding forever homes for these animals, including the transportation of rescued pets to other states. 

As we delve into the topic of estate planning, our focus shifts to the steps pet owners can take to ensure their beloved companions are cared for in the event of their passing. We discuss how your pet plan is and isn't covered in your last will, and the significance of clear instructions and accessible information regarding pet care, medical needs, microchipping, and routines. 

The episode concludes with Shelby providing tips for easing the transition of a pet into a new home and ways listeners can get involved in animal rescue efforts. A must-listen for advisors or owners of furry family members.

Find info on Rescued Pets Movement and how to help at


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