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Jul 6, 2023

In this episode of No Unfinished Business, we delve into the finer points of business valuation. Our guest, Amber Widener, a seasoned business appraiser, shares her deep insights on why and when to consider a business valuation, how they can impact business decisions, and why it's essential to hire the right professional. She explains why having an outside appraiser provides a credible number that can help business owners with forward planning, especially in scenarios such as buy-sell agreements, succession and estate planning, or during a potential sale of the business.

Amber also discusses the intricacies of hiring a capable appraiser and the importance of valuation accreditations. She uncovers common misconceptions and potential pitfalls in the appraisal process and shares advice on how to ensure an accurate valuation, including the idea of seeking draft reports for review before finalization.

Finally, we explain the concept of valuation discounts, the role they play in estate planning, and the many factors that can influence the value of a business. Amber concludes by sharing tips for business owners looking to maximize their company's value ahead of a potential sale, emphasizing the importance of planning, cleaning up financial records, and increasing operational efficiencies.

Whether you're a business owner contemplating your company's worth, an advisor seeking guidance on the valuation process, or an interested listener wanting to understand the dynamics of business appraisal, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge and practical takeaways.

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