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Jul 19, 2022

We know that certain clientele warrant certain privacy considerations. These days, it's increasingly hard to actually keep someone's name, address, contact info, or even asset data away from the public online. Whether it's you personally, your high-net-worth client, or even your child or grandmother, sensitive and personal data is available to almost anyone - so how do we deal with that?

Jim Mottola of Porzio CS is here to offer some guidance. Jim was a Special Agent with the Secret Service for 26 years, and now serves as Vice President of Data Privacy, Investigations and Security for Porzio. We discuss identity theft, digital privacy, how online data is used for physical real-world attacks, doxxing, and how your data is being collected and monetized.

Most importantly, Jim gives us simple, concrete ways we can limit that information and improve digital security for our selves and our clients.

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