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Aug 12, 2022

Do you or your client have a collection, artwork, or valuable that you're not sure how to valuate? What's the right process for insuring it or addressing it in an estate plan?

Our guest, Jennifer Jones, is the SVP/Senior Director of Trusts, Estates and Valuations at Phillips Fine Art Auctioneers. She knows all there is to know about appraising and planning for art and collections.

She's here to give you the critical info you, as an advisor, need to know to help your clients deal with their valuable collections. She starts with a simple three-part plan:

1) You need a comprehensive appraisal
2) From someone who's intimately qualified with that type of collection
3) And have that appraisal updated very regularly

She'll explain the different between generalists and specialists, price ranges for appraisals, and how to approach insurance valuation.

Lastly, she tells us the three big things that affect value and change: market trends, provenance, and rarity.

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