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Aug 18, 2022

Are you an advisor whose eyes glaze over when your client starts talking about their crypto portfolio? Don't know where to start when thinking about their crypto tax liability?

Our guest, Matt Metras, is the owner of MDM Financial Services in Irondequoit, NY. He has been practicing since 2003 and specializes in bookkeeping and taxation for cryptocurrency clients.

He's here to clear up some misconceptions and challenge some notions about how the IRS views crypto assets. We also have a little fun playing off a colleague's crypto Twitter takes. 😎

Crypto is constantly changing and designed to avoid regulation, and, hence, crypto is not the IRS's priority, and they're keeping rules vague.

We discuss how crypto compares to things like lottery winnings or fine art, ways your clients can get themselves into trouble, and why trusts might not be the solution you'd hope for.

We wrap up with practical takeaways for advisors: translate crypto terms for your clients, take CE on the subject, and ask all your questions.

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