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Aug 22, 2023

In this insightful episode, we dive deep into the intricate and sometimes misunderstood world of premarital agreements with family law attorney, Kathryn Pruitt. With 30 years of experience, 19 of which focused on family law, Kathryn sheds light on an array of prenup issues.

  • The Necessity of Prenups: Discover why any individual with assets should consider a premarital agreement and how it doesn't always have to mean a complete separation of assets.
  • Community Assets and What It Means for Married Couples: We tackle the misconceptions around community assets and learn how and when they are created after marriage.
  • The Role of Documentation: We discuss the importance of thorough documentation, from retirement account statements to investment portfolios, and how they can save you during a divorce.
  • The Complexity of Prenups: Understand why each premarital agreement is unique and how it can be designed to provide clarity for both parties involved.
  • Advice for Financial Advisors: Kathryn shares how financial advisors can play a crucial role in helping clients prepare for a robust premarital agreement.

Whether you're an attorney, CPA, financial advisor, or someone considering a premarital agreement, this episode provides invaluable insights to help leave no unfinished business.

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