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Sep 6, 2023

In this episode of the No Unfinished Business Podcast, we dive deep into the challenges faced by the Sandwich Generation—individuals caught between caring for their aging parents and their own children. Our guest, Mikey Newton of Maxim at Home, sheds light on the role of non-medical companions in ensuring older adults age gracefully in their own homes. Listen in as we discuss the early warning signs that indicate it's time to consider help for aging parents, how companionship plays a critical role in their quality of life, and how technology is making the process of finding the right companion easier than ever.

Key Sections:
1. The Sandwich Generation Dilemma
The challenges of taking care of both children and aging parents.
2. First Steps with Non-Medical Companionship Services
How Maxim at Home serves as a first-step resource for families looking to support aging parents.
3. The Importance of Aging in Place
The value of allowing older adults to stay in their homes and maintain their lifestyle.
4. The Role of Companions
How companions provide non-medical support, such as light housekeeping, meal prep, and pet care, but most importantly, companionship.
5. Warning Signs and Conversation Starters
Tips on when and how to initiate conversations about seeking help for your aging parents.
6. Questions to Ask for Future Planning
Discussing MIT's Age Lab and the three crucial questions for older adults to consider for independent living.
7. Real-world Scenarios
The balance between caring for parents and maintaining your own life, featuring examples from both John and Mikey.

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