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Sep 15, 2023

John Strohmeyer sits down with mortgage investment expert, Dan Deppen of Fusion Notes, to dive deep into the niche world of mortgage note investing. With rising interests in alternative investments, mortgage note investing offers an avenue that not many have ventured into. In this episode, we uncover the ins and outs of this fascinating domain.

Episode Highlights:

Introduction: Dan Deppen explains the basics of mortgage note investing

Understanding Mortgage Note Investing: From buying someone else’s mortgage to functioning as a bank, Dan explains the dynamics of this alternate real estate investing pathway.

Getting Started in Mortgage Investing: Where to buy these mortgages? From smaller hedge funds to directly from banks, the journey of mortgage notes to an individual.

Seller Finance Notes Explained: How property sellers act as a bank, originate loans, and the prospects in selling those loans.

Risks and Rewards: Dan highlights potential risks like messy foreclosures and legal challenges. On the brighter side, the prospects of high cash flows, yield benefits, and the possible passive nature of this investment.

Navigating the Current Financial Landscape: The effects of current higher interest rates on the mortgage note market.

Tune in to learn how you can navigate this investment landscape, understand the risks, and reap the potential benefits!

Note: This episode offers insights for seasoned investors, financial enthusiasts, and anyone curious about alternative investments. It's a dive into a niche market that holds potential for great returns, if done right. Don't jump in without plenty of formal training and knowledge. 

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